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77 children living together in Bugiri District in Eastern Uganda. Our orphanage, Orphans of Uganda Children Center, was founded 2009 by the honorable Lady Fatimah Kagoya and was then continued by Isma Byarugaba in 2012, who himself was an orphan under the wings of Lady Kagoya. Since then we voluntarily help to empower orphans, street kids and the likes, regardless of their origin or religion.

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We compared to other orphanages

Compared to others, we are still at the very beginning. We don't have a secure place to stay, we have to fight hard every day to get enough to eat and in case of medical emergencies we have a big problem. State support does not exist either.

And this is not a scam we use to get your money, but the pure truth. See for yourself. We are willing to provide any evidence of our neediness that you may require. Contact us if you have any doubts.