Monthly donation from our Cologne Germany donors

Deep from our hearts as members of Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri we do appreciate our lovely parents and friends from Cologne in Germany for the great work they are doing to keep us fed month to month.

And we say thanks for standing with us for all of this period, and providing to us over here in Uganda may you all stay blessed always. For you sure you’re keeping our lives changing thanks for the love of brotherhood, thanks for the love of sisterhood, the world needs people like you. I believe you have made this world a better place for orphans of our organization to stay, and you have restored the lost hope back in their lives.

Before meeting you all really life was worse than it is right now, we thank you for the parental love you’re showing these children, thanks a lot to you each one accordingly.

Orphan Paul Sebindukyi introduction

Paul Sebindukyi is 7 years old, a member of Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri. And from Christianity foundation as he was handed to our organization when he was 3 months old. Without any information of him because he was found at the entry of the church, when he was dropped there by unknown person, and was named Paul Sebindukyi by the church members.

He has never breastfed, even up to today Paul has never seen or met his biological family members. Because non knows any information about his biological family, all he knows now that our cook is her mother.

Paul is not yet at school due to lack of school support, but as the organization we keep on paving ways to call for support from those who can stand with these children and sponsor them to meet their goals in life. He loves music so much and dancing, with dreams of being a dancer or a musician like one of our local musician here in Uganda called Chameleon. We can make his dreams to become reality, lets do it.

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Orphan Mwoga Kusama introduction

Mwoga Kusama is one of the elderly orphans at Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri. He is 17 years old and has stayed here at the organization for 12 years.

All his goal is to learn something, which can earns him a living in life. He is among those children, who have get a chance of returning to school. He is sitting for his final primary seven exams this year, a last class in primary level of education.

And he will need more support to help him push on with his academics as he has a dream of being primary teacher one day. Let’s get hands together to support him as he can help others one day, if he gets a chance of meeting his dream.

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Orphan Baligye Noah introduction

Baligye Noah is 4 years old and member of Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri. He joined us, when he was 1 year and six months old after the death of his beloved parents, who passed away of HIV/AIDS. He was left with a brother-in-law who couldn’t take care of him as he was a young boy. Since then, he has been with us here.

Baligye is not yet at school due to school requirements and school fees. But he loves to join schooling as now he talks about being barker man, because he loves enjoying breads. This making him to have a dream of running bakery when he grows up. We can make this happen and help these young generations to meet their dreams if we don’t abandon them. There’s still hope for them, if we join hands with that little, you can give, we can still create difference in their lives.

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Donation for school supplies

Good news, some of our 15 orphans have been able to get school supplies. To enable them to get back to their respective schools. And here at Orphans of Uganda Children Center, we do thank those who have donated to make this possible. And as organization leaders we are so appreciative for the great work you’re offering for these children.

We promise to keep you all updated on how things are moving with them at their schools, as in April the government will be allowing more classes to get opened at schools. Here your support will be needed more again, to help more orphans at our organization to get back to their schools, for these children to be able to fulfill their dreams. Let’s join hands together and support them to get educated. Only this can be possible by lending them helping hands.

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