Orphans Of Uganda Children Center Bugiri is non-religious, non-profit organization found in East Africa Uganda in bugiri district in eastern part of Uganda. With total number of 101 members, 95 orphans and 6 volunteers.

House/accommodation, Orphans Of Uganda Children Center organization, we are at starting point as we don’t own our own home, and we just rent with monthly payment of 200euros (800,000shs Ugandan Money) for easy accommodating of these children, and it’s volunteers or workers. Which is a big limitation with organization duties and responsibilities. And too much money is spent on rent hence hindering other organization projects to be carried out, and this can only be solved by owning our own home to overcome this problem of spending much money on rent.

Land to construct on permanently home for the organization, the organization (Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Uganda) we do own one acre of land in the names of the organization and in the names of organization director purchased generally for organization duties only, it was purchased in 2021 buy a group of our brothers and sisters (donors) from Germany at an amount of 20,000,000shs Ugandan money. And its full paid property in the hands of the organization which can lead to easy construction of the children home as we own our own land.

Amount needed/budget for the house, we sat as the organization staff with and educated engineer and calculations were made, and we come up with total amount of 85,900,000shs Ugandan money, when the house is fully completed and ready to use.

Accommodation capacity of the house and it’s size, the house is well-designed officially for children, and it will be able to accommodated 200chilldren and 20 workers, With a good playing ground for children.

Legitimate organization, Orphans of Uganda Children Center is a registered organization by the government of Uganda, with registration certificate and working permit from village level, community level up to district level. Allowing the organization to carry up its duties without any limitations. Hence, being trustworthy organization to be supported. In away of supporting its members/orphans we do call upon everyone to support our project of constructing a home for the organization.

Appealing, as the organization leaders we do appeal to you our beloved donors to stand with us in this project of securing a safe home for the children, to grow up in good environment like other children do live, as this house will be used by generations and generations. Donate today to help us meet this goal such that we can be able to build a safe home for these children, any amount helps.

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