Thanks for monthly (May) food donations

Deeply in our hearts as caretaker and orphans at Orphans of Uganda 🇺🇬 Children centre bugiri, we do take this opportunity to thank each of you for the care and support 💪 to words our orphanage.

Your support means the world to us:
We are so grateful for your donation and for being a part of our cause.
Thank you for choosing to make a difference through your donation.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your generous contribution. may each of you for your donations stay blessed always


This month of may we have been able receive a sum of 1,800 € for orphan’s food and feeds for chicken projects, with other needs for food.

Both food for children and chicken where purchases made to cater for birds and children.

Children’s Food

Such as maize flour and beans with cooking oil are some foods purchased for this month of may for benefits of orphans at orphans of Uganda🇺🇬 children centre.

Poultry feeds

As we are running poultry project for the benefits of orphans and creating sustainable development at the orphanage, we where able to purchase some chicken feeds and poultry medicine to care for our birds.

None foods

Being an orphanage home for children, there some needs like soap, to help on improving the hygiene at the orphanage.

Your generous and unwavering support has been a light to our lives, giving us the strength and courage to keep going even when things get tough. We are so grateful for everything that you do for us, and we want you to know how much your support means a lot to us over here at the orphanage. Best regards from Orphans of Uganda Children Center.