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There has been little activity on these pages here lately

There has been little activity on these pages here lately. That’s because of three things:

  1. We were kicked out of our present home because the landlady had no more patience with us, because we could rarely pay our rent on time. Besides she could find a tenant who already had to pay more. So we had to move and are now in a temporary place without knowing how to go on.
  2. Some weeks ago I got a malaria infection which knocked me out for about 2-3 weeks. But I am feeling better meanwhile, alhamdulillah.
  3. One of our girls, Fatumah, was bitten by a snake in her little toe last Thursday, which then became necrotic. We took her to the hospital. There we were told that they would try to save the foot with a treatment. If that failed, she might lose her foot.

But the treatment seems to be starting to work and we were able to bring her back to us this morning, alhamdulillah. There is only a hospital bill of about 125€ to be paid for the treatment, which we unfortunately do not have.

Case of illness in one of our girls / Krankheitsfall bei einem unserer Mädchen

(Deutsche Übersetzung ist weiter unten)

We had to take one of our little girls to the hospital on Monday evening because she was suffering from stomach ache. At first we suspected an infection, caused by our water problem, which we have here.

Doctors say after examining her, she had stomach ulcers. The results and scans will be added to this post.

The treatment will take about two weeks. The first bill is already UGX1.020.000 (approx. 240€), which we are unfortunately not able to pay. We would therefore be very happy if someone could be found to help the girl.

German Translation

Wir mussten eines unserer kleinen Mädchen am Montag Abend ins Krankenhaus bringen, weil sie an Bauchschmerzen litt. Wir hatten zuerst den Verdacht auf eine Infektion, ausgelöst von unserem Wasserproblem, das wir hier haben.

Ärzte sagen nach Untersuchungen, dass es Magengeschwüre sind. Untersuchungsergebnisse und Scans fügen wir diesem Post hinzu.

Die Behandlung wird etwa 2 Wochen dauern. Die erste Rechnung beläuft sich jetzt schon auf UGX1.020.000 (ca. 240€), die wir leider nicht im Stande sind zu zahlen. Wir würden uns deshalb sehr freuen, wenn sich jemand finden würde, dem Mädchen zu helfen.

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