Community charity work with our organization boys

Meet some of our organization boys:

during charity work as they try to fix houses and bathing places for the elderly people here at our community, during  charity work. This was done after our community was destroyed by heavy wind and some houses which were weak built-in grasses were destroyed.

Leaving the needy people, widows and elderly people homeless, our organization team of boys organized up and started rebuilding these houses to provide shelter to these group of people.

Community helping, our boys were able to rebuild 10 houses for those needy people who had the needed materials to be used in constructing these houses, thanks to our boys team for helping up some community people. Together, if we can keep up that Spirit of humanity, we can help each other.

Thanks to our boys who made it possible, and these people are now having places to live in:

The organization …

.. was praised by the community people for being part of the community and raising up good children who can help in time of need, these children can be useful to the future if we keep showing them the away to the future.

We can make world better place if keep giving each other helping hands.