Urgently: House rent donation needed!

As we move forward…

.. with our work of rescuing and helping orphans here at the organization, we need a proper place / home where they can be accommodated. Such that these children are given a place they call their home, thus renting an organized home, and they leave under one roof, which need funds to make payments on monthly basis.

Lack of permanent own home:

This is the reason why we do rent a home for our children to leave in as a home, and this place we do make payments monthly the sum of 200 (€) euros or 800,000 (UGX) shillings Ugandan money. And we need helping hands to be able to make payments or collect up this money, and it’s normally paid in three months or six months and so on according to amount of money we do receive as donations from you our donors. As the organization leaders, we are appealing to each one to stand with us to make payments of house rent, in order everyone remains sheltered.

Safe guarding these children from community abuse or going back to streets, if house rent is made, children will remain monitored under one roof and this prevent them from harm and getting involved in some abuses, which might lead to lose of lives, as some of you may know life at streets or living without guardians. Children need safety hands, together let’s donate and pay house rent for them to remain safe in a safe place.


… can be made through donation link, or you can follow our organization media pages to talk to us, you can also write to us via that email you will be answered immediately if there are any questions you need to know. Together, let’s build up these children and shelter them to grow up under one roof.

Here you can donate and help us!