Sleeping materials needed (beds, blankets mattresses)

Donation for purchase needed:

Blankets and mattresses for our organization children to improve upon their sleeping conditions, as now the organization has only ten blankets and each blanket is only enough to cover two children, which cover up only 20 children among the 95 children at the home, this has caused the 75 children to sleep uncovered. Mostly during the rainy season, it affects them with too much coldness.


.. these are sleeping materials where each human should sleep on for the good health. Our home is in shortage of mattresses as the one we have are less and have grown so old, causing some children to sleep on floor and on old boxes and on old clothes since our organization is still at lower stage of being able to provide good sleeping materials to its members, that why we try to reach to people like you who care about those in need and the poor to stand with our organization such that we can be able to provide these needed equipments, donate today and buy a mattress for two children as mattress here in Uganda costs 120,000 (UGX) Uganda Money, 30 euros (€) or 35 $ USD.

Here you can SEE an short video of the sleeping room – click me!

Beds / Decker:

Our organization has none like a bed and all of our children have never got chance of spending a night on top of the bed, and yet they would like also to sleep like other children who sleep on beds from their baby wood.

Beds also saves place in room as are made with steps which contains three steps and each step can take in two children, let’s work together and support these children with these needs to make them feel they are loved too, each bed or Decker costs 470,000 (UGX), 118 euros (€) or 130 $ USD.

please donate to get beds for the organization children.

Hand in hand with a giving heart, we can change this world and make it a better place for everyone to live on, let’s start giving and change the standard of living of these children, life change can start with you and me, for the love of the orphan child, let’s donate please to provide blankets, mattresses and beds, any donation matters as we keep moving and provide a good sleep environment for these children.

Here you can donate and help us!