Introducing Orphan: Nabirey Alima

Nabirey Alima she is…

.. one of among the youngest daughter at the home, she is 6 years old an orphan here at our orphanage home in Uganda. Nabirey Alima lost all her parents when she was 9 months old and she was left with her grandmother on the side of her father, who raised her up to the age of one year and 2 months. being able to support here since her self she had no ware to get support to care for the little girl she decided to handle her away to our orphanage home to take care and if possible to help her get education support.

Story and dreams:

.. Nabirey Alima she is now 6 years but she has never get chance of joining school due to lack of funds at the organisation. But she do love to join schooling and learn English according to her talking, she has not yet started on taking about her dreams when she grows up but she loves sweets and singing to friends.

N. Alima she don’t get any support from her biological parents or guardians because even the grandparents who she was left with they later passed away when she was three year’s but due to avoid worrying her up to now she doesn’t know that her grandmother who raised passed away.

As Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri…

… we do call upon for good humanitarian who can join hands with our organisation to get possible ways of how we can support such children because Alima she is among the 95 orphan children at our organisation who do need support like she dose. For any support, please contact us through the link at our website of how to support, donate or sponsor her to get a better life tomorrow.