Monthly food donation for April 2022

For the hearts of kindness..

.. and support to our orphanage organisation home in Uganda, Orphans of Uganda Children Center with much happiness and joy we do appreciate the for charity work support to our organisation. may your giving hands which do provide to care and feed these needy children be blessed abundantly and keep up the good work for standing and supporting this work, without your support these children will remain helplessly.

Food and other…

… requirements which will help us to pass through this month of April has been purchased and stocked up in our organisation stores for proper feeding of our organisation children. All is happening because of your continuously helping hands to support this none profit charity work, we do believe according your support has helped in changing ways of living of these orphns. Thanks to each and everyone whoever contribute to feed and care for these Orphan children.

1,200 Euros was raised and received to buy foods and other requirements, foods like maize flour, rice,beans, tomatoes and onions. Other requirements like Soap for washing, and bathing, and more and below is the receipt for goods purchased. May your hands which do feed and care for those in need continuously grow blessed accordingly to keep up this good work moving forward because without the donations you made some of these children wouldn’t be making it.

Thanks friends of Orphans of Uganda Children Center in bugiri Uganda.