Big thanks for the cups and basins donations


… and joy to the children and adults with cups and basins, thanks to the donors who have donated to the point of purchasing these needs to reach these children who were poor in need of basins and cups, may your helping hands stay blessed accordingly.

Cups of 110 pieces and basins of 110 pieces were bought and delivered to the orphanage, which will help us in bathing, washing, taking water and tea at the home. This was an extremely challenging problem for the well-being of the children we volunteer with at the organisation and we hope that after a long day of suffering due to a lack of cups and basins, there is a relief after the acquiring of these needs at the organisation.

Thanks for sharing

… your help and support with us and our children’s organisation that is a great way the improve the lives of those people who are in need. May that love and support for those in need, keep spreading to make this world a better place to live, Blessed always are helping hands which do give to those in need.

Life-changing dreams are coming true because due to your support the lives of these children are being changed stepper step which was part of the organisation’s dreams to improve the lives of the orphanage and orphans in it. we can get there when we keep up this beautiful heart of helping others in need and the hopeless.