Monthly donation for January

Please accept our deepest gratitude. May your helping hands stay blessed accordingly,  this couldn’t be happening without your concern for these needy children,  thanks.

We appreciate the good charity work towards our organization,  we have been able to receive a monthly donation of food and other needs to catering for 77 orphans under our organization’s care, 


Food is the priority of all children to stay healthy and keep growing, it’s where always put effort as the organization to fight hunger in children and help them to stay focused. We have been able to purchase maize flour, beans, cooking oils,  tomatoes, and onions 🧅 as a way of making food available for everyone at the orphanage.

None food

Being a big home with a large number of family members,  we are always concerned with providing other children’s needs help in areas of washing, bathing, and other activities.  Nine foods such as so etc.


Being a home of humans, or living creatures,  we can’t underestimate the healthy ways of living which involve many challenges and in avoiding so, we set measures of how to prevent diseases at the orphanage for good living, we have managed to buy some medicine for children affected with skin rashes and malaria.

Orphan of Uganda Children Center Bugiri is a welcoming home for visitors, we do appreciate the support coming our way and we do welcome you to our home in Bugiri Uganda 🇺🇬 East Africa, together we can change lives for the hopeless and needy.

We owe you one for the love and support towards us. Be blessed accordingly