Thanks for support on hospital bills for sick children

Recently the organisation was attacked by a wave of sickness of malaria and some children getting sowellen glends disease, which weakened more and made some four of our organisation children ending being addmitted in the hospital, and 9 children getting treated from home. this created standing bills for treatment, foods, transport at the orphanage. But today on 26th of July we received a donation from our Germany donaors, which has helped us to clear these sickness bills have been pending.

As Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri, we do take this opportunity to thank each of you who have managed to contribute on clearing of the bills which have been in the hospital and out of hospital, say like food bills, drinks bills and transport bills too.

we have managed to make bills payments of 480 euros or 1,860,000 ugandan shillings. This has helped us to keep trust and confidence between the orphanage home and the helping hospital, thanks for supporting us and helping those who have been sick to keep getting treated, may your giving hands stay blessed accordingly and may be able to keep helping and provide always to those in need like orphans at Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri.

Children are now doing well and some have started schooling. thanks for your prayers and support on there hospital bills and the organisation at large, thanks brothers and sisters for standing with the organisation and helping the children on the bills .