Education Support and Other Basic Needs for Orphans of Uganda🇺🇬 Children Center Bugiri

They say that abandonment is a wound that never heals. I say only that an abandoned child never forgets.

Abandonment leaves a deep scar that lingers throughout a child’s life, shaping their emotions and experiences in profound ways. While some believe in fate or destiny, the reality for many abandoned children is marked by varying degrees of hatred, paranoia, and the pain of being left behind.

Help us change this narrative.

By supporting the Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri, you can make a difference in the lives of these children. Your donations provide not just the basic needs of food, shelter, and medical care, but also the emotional support and love that every child deserves.

Education support/ sponsorship

We all believe the future is secured when these children are educated and can help them stand on there own life after here at the orphanage. But when they are denied to have access to education they will remain orphans today and tomorrow in terms of surviving in day to day life challenges. Let’s give them secure future with education to keep them with hope for tomorrow.

Orphans are not attending schooling, due to. lack of school fees and school supplies, we believe there helping hands which can help us push them. back to school again for this semester, as far as 150k can help to keep children in school for one semester.


Any kind of donations can be made through our listed information of donations in this website, just click the donations page and information of donations will be listed.

Together, we can help heal these wounds and give these children the chance for a brighter, more hopeful future.