Thanks for payment of Orphanage house rent of 9 months For Year 2023 (01/01/2023- 30/09/2023)

Thank you for Your Donation

Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri, is an orphanage home caring for 80 children and five volunteers. Meaning the organisation do accommodate 85 members, and being on starting point, we do rent full house in busolo village in Bugiri district we do use as the orphanage home to keep everyone sheltered and safe.

Renting Costs

Rent payments are charged at cost of 800,000 shillings per month, and it’s usually needed for ful year. But this time the money has been paid in advance, the some of 6,324,000ugx., which was made in two section. The first payment was for six months from January to June 2023 and the second payment was for three months from July to September 2023Meaning form 01/01/2023 up to 30/09/2023.

Thanks for securing our orphanage home rent payments for that period, and we do keep sending all our prayers to each of you who has contributed on the securing shelter for the orphaned children at Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri. May your hands which do Keep on giving to those who are helplessly, be blessed in abundance.

Generally as the organisation members, we take this opportunity to thank you for the greatest work of giving back to those in need not here only, but wherever you put your help. May your giving hearts be a light to meet all your need in life.