Updates and good News: YUSUF M. – hospital treatment

Today we want to show you the good news about Orphan Yusuf hospital treatment and progress

A lot has happened in the last days and weeks: But one thing is certain:

Yusuf is doing much better, he is still weak, but he can now talk and move more, he feels better, eats and drinks more. It didn’t seem to look good in the last days, because his health didn’t improve, but it was clearly because we didn’t have money to pay for the medicine and the treatment.

Because non believed that one day brother Yusuf will manage to sit and have a word with us again because his life before operation was really hard, because we dropped him in the hospital when he was almost half dead. And he spent almost one week and above on oxygen/coma to help him with breathing since he had weakness with breathing.

!! Thanks for donating towards Yusuf’s surgery/treatment !!

Your donations come in part by part and every day and the hospital understands this, but in Uganda most hospitals do not have the drugs in stock, much is bought only when needed after the bill has been paid. We have somehow managed with your help to provide Yusuf’s current medication so that he can continue to receive treatment until the total amount of 1,300,000 UGX (Uganda Shillings) is paid. The total amount is about 310 € or 365 $ Dollar. Every donation counts, please!

The current open hospital invoice:

we are on the good way.. but however..

.. We are still in debt at the hospital and ask you all to please help and donate and share this link – because if you don’t help, even a little, who will? Together we are strong.

please help the orphan Yusuf Mutumba, we are on the very good way, most of the money has been paid, but there is still something outstanding and this must be paid soon, before Yusuf’s treatment stops and everything was in vain… Thanks for saving him from the dangerous disease which has been disturbing him from his baby stage.

Lets keeping giving and praying for his health, as he is still admitted in hospital and being treated too.

if you want to know more about Yusuf: see here his Introduction: Orphan Jusuf Mutumba introduction

Make a Donation now! Every help counts! Please also share! Thank you so much.