Morning activities: One-day at Orphans of Uganda Children Center

Hello to everyone 🙂

Today we are going on a journey together:

Our morning activities at our organization:

First, Follow all our pages and social media to follow our daily activities with Children at Orphans of Uganda Children Center, as all daily activities move on day-to-day in different activities as we start and end our day.

The beginning:

Always as a home, we do start our day with cleaning up/sweeping all the place to make sure that the place is clean and safe for everyone to live, because if it is not clean, illnesses and other dangers can quickly spread. we prevent this every day, because cleanliness also means being tidy.

Teamwork wins!

As the organization, always everything we do it as in teamwork, this helps and keeps everything easy for each one. As all work is done in groups according to programmer at our home.
Daily activities, helps children to grow up strong and learn more kinds of work, this helps them also to avoid laziness.

Since everyone does it on personal willing, and this keeps them united as it’s all done in groups.

Stay following us to learn more how we do end all our days here at the home and learn more about our children here at the home.

to be continued..