Sickness at Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri

Diseases overwhelm us ..

This is the most challenging part here at Orphans of Uganda Children Center orphanage home, almost every month we experience sickness issues at the orphanage. And this costs us a lot of amounts to care for the sick.

As for now, almost half of the organisation’s children are sick. To extent of four children being admitted to Ayeete medical care in Bugiri town.

Medical attentions

… Whenever sickness occurs,  then the best solution is to look for various ways how we can get the sick treated. Thus being admitted to hospitals for treatment, brings results in bills.

Support and Donations

.. Donations are needed to be able to pay for the above-summarised hospital bills for sickness issues. Any donation support will help to save the lives of sick children.

For more information

Feel free to contact us for any questions or donations through our preferred contacting information provided on our website.

Our Proofs:


1. Baligye Noah’s treatment costs 185,000 UGX

2. Kauma Aliyah’s treatment costs 2,370,000 UGX

3. Kirunda Ashirafu’s treatment costs 207,000 UGX

4. Kalulu Rahim’s treatment costs 240,000 UGX

5. laboratory and scan costs 180,000 UGX

6. Food and drinks cost 120,000 UGX

7. Transport costs 90,000 UGX

The total amount of 3,392,000 UGX

Note, medicine for none admitted 186,000 UGX

Here you can Donate and we would be very, very happy about each help!

Your’s Caretaker Byarugaba Isma