Orphan Introducing: Ntale Mariam 7 years old female

This is Ntale Mariam one..

… of among our organisation girls, she is 7 years old who has a dream of becoming police officer in future, her favourite colour is yellow and she has hermonia disease.

Ntale has been part…

…. of our organisation since the death of her mother who was taking care of her after the death of her biological father. she is the youngest in the family of four children, when her mom passed away her your brothers couldn’t make it possible to care for her since they where also in the young ages to be employed some where and take care of her and in that process of looking for someone or an organisation to help in taking care of them they visited our home when she was only one year old and three months in 2016.

since our organisation could not manage to care of all the four Children due to lack of enough resources, we decided to make decision and agree to take care of the only young girl Mariam.


Sister Ntale Mariam has a dream of becoming police officer in future, and this could be possible if she joins school and study to meet her dream.

She is not yet at school due to lack of funds at the organisation to support them with schooling, for any support to help Mariam to start schooling and fulfil her dreams it will be highly appreciated. Together with the helping hands we can give to such children can help in the changing of there lives.

let’s start now to support and donate for the love of an orphan child.