Urgently donations needed for saving some 25 children with typhoid, fever malaria headache stomach complications.

Due to the use of poor unsafely water….

… in the community, this has caused some of our organisation children with one volunteer to get typhoid diarrhoea disease which needs seriously treatment attention before it’s too late any donation support matter’s and it will directly to the clearing of hospital bills and getting some drinks for them, as many don’t have appetite for food.

Treatment already…

… is going on, but so far no any payment have been made which will lead children’s lives in danger, on behalf of Orphans of Uganda Children Center and for the good of the lives of these children we do appeal to each of you to stand with these children through donating to help them get enough treatment in order to do away with this diseases.


Almost € 800 needed or 3,131,000 uganda money (called UGX or SHS for shilling) needed to pay for hospital bills for these children. with any support matter’s, let’s join hands together to support the lives of these orphans.

Please stand with us in this issues and sickness! Every amount will be appreciated and is urgently needed.

The good news are, that we have soon a new Well / Fountain (water source), it should be finish within the next 10-14 days. Then we hope, that this sickness is going to stop, cause this sickness is coming again and again duo to unsafe / unclean water.

here you can donate!

Thanks so much for all & everything!