Monthly food donation for march 2022

Thanks abundantly …

….may each of you stay blessed accordingly for standing with this charity work over here in Uganda, for the love of these needy children with the monthly donation you contribute for the benefit of the Orphan child at our orphanage home. May your hands continuously grow blessed day to day for the good work your supporting over here in Uganda.

Giving or donating..

to those in need it’s not all being well off but it depends on the humanitarian heart owned by the giving hands, that’s why we try our level best as volunteer’s of Orphans of Uganda Children Center to delivery the monthly donation to the right orphans of our organisation to benefit in. Thanks for being good humanitarian to our organisation/orphanage home in Uganda, because without your support these children would remain helplessly.

Food and other needs like soap and toilet paper and others have been donation was received and purchase of such goods was made, and below is the receipt and photos of whatever was purchased. this all has happened because of your continuously helping hands to our orphanage home in Uganda, may each of you stay blessed always for the good work of feeding and caring for the 95 children at our orphanage.