Donations for Samuel’s chronic kidney disease

Recently on 10th August 2022, the boy was taken to the hospital for further information, and then the doctors confirmed his chronic disease and hepatitis A.

He is now admitted to one of the hospitals in Bugiri town, in the name of Ayeeta medical centre. And it’s where he will get treatment.


left chronic kidney disease with a benign renal tumour,  and liver disease of hepatitis A, admitted to the hospital, however, he has malaria, cough, and fever.


Samuel will go into a surgical operation, for 6 months in.


3,500 Euros / 12,800,000 UGX is needed totally…

300,000 UGX will be used for transportation during the periods he will be coming from home after surgery. 12,500,000 UGX, the needed amount being asked by the hospital for his medication wage, and surgical operation.

Half of the treatment money (6,500,000 UGX) is needed as the first payment, and other payments will be made in two instalments.

As Orphans of Uganda Children Center volunteers, we do appeal to each and everyone who can donate to stand with us in the fighting for his life.

Any amount matters, however smaller it is we can work together and raise the needed amount for his treatment.

Contact us/Donate

You can reach us through our social media accounts, and email as all listed on our website.
Donations can be made through our website donation page as the needed information for how to donate is listed.

Together we can create a difference when we stand united for each other in hard times like this. let’s donate the little we can to save his life.