Morning activities of cleaning and mopping floors

This is how sometimes we start our days at the orphanage:

As we start our day, we start it with maintaing the places, mostly where we sleep and more others. Children at Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri, take these activities of mopping up and cleaning rooms where they sleep as there daily basis activities to safeguard them self from diseases and making the places better places to live in.


Children do offer the best to keep their rooms and the place we leave in, in a good hygiene as it’s one of the ways we can fight and prevent diseases. it’s always brings happiness when everyone at the orphanage is health.

Cleaning the floors

big boys helping too 🙂

Physical Therapy

Carrying out such actives helps the children to grow strong and healthy as through doing those activities it’s part of getting involved in physical exercise.

Teaching work and encouraging the children, always in life we find hard days and good days in life, the way is that we get prepared for whatever comes our ways. Through these activities children do learn alot to help them stand the challenges in future or life after the organisation.

cleaning the rooms