We are thankful for monthly donation of March

We are so grateful for the continuous support and care towards foods and none foods, as result of appreciation as members of Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri, we do take this opportunity to thank our organisation donors for standing with OoU organisation on monthly basis. May your helping hands stay blessed accordingly.

Amount received for the month of march, 850 euros from the donors from Germany and 245 dollars from a friend from USA, as the amount received to care for the needs of through our the full month, for both foods and none foods.

Foods (eatable items)

Foods like Maize flour, cooking oil and beans with tomatoes and onions and others where among the purchase made this month, to be used in this month of march.

None foods

Items like soaps, Candles and internet buldles where among the purchase made on the budget of this month as none foods.

Treatment for one of the girl who was admitted in hospital due to big wounds on the body due to skin rushes , this was one of the bills we managed as the organisation to spend on some funds donated for the month of march.

With much happiness and joy as members of the organisation, we take this opportunity to send our thanks messages to the donating group for the greatest work your doing in us.

May your giving hands stay blessed in abundances, as without your help we couldn’t made it up to date.