Thanks for the September monthly donations

Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri…

… management and children in general, we do take this opportunity to thank whoever is moving with our organisation work hand in hand with providing the needs of the children. Mostly the monthly food donations, thanks for caring and supporting this charity work of helping and caring for orphans in Uganda.

Foods and other items

Generally, the purchase of food and other items for September was made on 2th/09/2022, and foods like maize, beans, cooking oil with other items of soap and salts were among those purchased to help the orphanage in September.

Care and support

Thanks go to each of you who are always supporting our orphanage on the monthly support, may each of you be blessed accordingly for the care being provided to these orphans here at the orphanage.

Total amount received

This month we have been able to receive 1100 euros or 4,097,617 shillings of Ugandan money, and this was spent on the purchase of the needed items to help the children in September as below

Summarised purchase of food and other items for September

Calculations in summary

1:——Beans 145 kilograms each kilogram at 4600shs, 667,000

2:—-Maize flour 1000 kilograms each kilogram at 3100, 3,100,000shs

3:—–Soap one box shillings 80,000shs

4:—–Salt 10kilogrames each 3,000shs total 30,000shs

5:—–Transport at 90,000shs

6:—-Cooking oil 5ltr at 47,000shs

7:—Mariam food 50000

Total amount all 4,064,000 shillings

other missing amount went on withdrawal charges