Life of an Orphan Child in Africa.

Like in other ways, children who are Orphans pass through a lot to day after day to make it in life, always more and more challenges to face, but this sometimes gives them courage to stay commented to make keep life moving on.

Street life…

.. this is always the challenging part when they lack a place to call home, sleeping on street sides which is always dangerous because of the place being insecure for human beings to spend a night on roadsides. And without helping hands, life keeps ongoing worse, and sometimes causes death.

Feeding/food, As one to survive, you need something to eat for good health and getting energy. But on those early ages and having none who cares, it becomes very hard to get something to feed on and make it in that situation of having no parents or staying on streets. Which sometimes the results is going sick due to lack of food and shelter.

Volunteers part to the lives of the orphans, whoever sacrifice his or her life to care and uprise these needy Orphans deserves the best in life as caring for such children it’s too challenging because some children have complications due to family, health issues and others as you know with Young children.

Donor’s support….

… always, this is the part to honor and keep praying for such people to stay blessed abundantly, as hard task to perform, giving out to none family members and taking care to know how such children (orphans) are making it in life. People who give whatever they give out for the good of surviving of orphans is a hero in life, because some end up being scammed, but they don’t give up due to the humanity hearts and love for humans too. Please let’s keep praying for such people, donor’s.