EDUCATION: 25 Orphans need to attend school by 7th June

Orphans with school uniform

We would like to thank all donors who recently made it possible for 20 children to start school. After all, more than 1,500 euros were needed for this.

Due to the government’s measures to contain the pandemic, all schools will gradually reopen. This means that the primary classes first to third will be able to go back to school on June 7, 2021. This affects 25 children in our orphanage: 12 members/primary third class, 6 members/primary second class and 7 members/primary first class.

We appeal to everyone who cares about the future of the new generation to join forces with the Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri, donate and help these children go back to school. This is the only way to make them good citizens of tomorrow and keep the world moving with good people with developmental ideas. Together we can make this world a better place for all if we continue to lend a helping hand to those who need it. Let’s give them a second chance at life, because they deserve to live a challenging life.

To send these children back to school for a full semester, the organization needs to raise 1,875 euros, including costs for school supplies and uniforms for each child. If we deny children the right to education, there will be no better tomorrow. Let’s walk together side by side with the orphans at Orphans of Uganda Children Center: Make a Donation!