Donation of ten blankets for twenty children

The only way to help a poor Man out is by lending him helping hands, blessed be the helping hands who hear our call for help and act accordingly. We do appreciate each one for being part of us in this great work for support, caring and rising these innocent souls (orphans at Orphans of Uganda Children Center), your frequently support is changing the lives of these children here, without all your support we couldn’t have made it to this step in life.

Twenty youngest orphans at home, today they have been blessed with ten pieces of blankets. And each blanket will be used or be covering two young children during bedtime and mostly during in cold rainy season at night. We do appreciate the humanity heart’s you keep on showing these little ones and they all in all we say may the one who is the most powerful, high keep all hands blessed and give you all what your hearts deserves, thanks for being part of these children’s life cycle.

Happily, children will live a warm night from today, and we do say more children do need this support of blankets besides the young orphans only, more 75 orphans need this support of blankets to live in happy sleep like others. Let’s do it for these children, because without our support, they will live helplessly. 

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