Urgently: donation for foot Wear and pants are needed for 95 Orphans

Orphans, at orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri, are urgently in need of these basics to easy their day-to-day lives..

Sandler’s are to wear in their foots to safeguard and helps during the movement of from one place to another, and help them to stay safe from some Sharp materials which may affect them while are bare-footed.

Ninety-five children (95) are in need of these saddlers and each Sandler will cost 4 or 5 (Euro €) and all making total amount of 410 €. Let’s join together hands to support and care for these orphans at our organization. Any donation matters, and it will be used to purchase footwear materials for the needy orphans at Orphans of Uganda Children Center. With 4 / 5 € you can make 1 sandals possible for 1 Orphan.

Pants / underwear clothes, these are small inner clothes wore for both male and female, orphans at our home are in need of these smaller inner clothes.

190 pants / underwear are needed for 95 children, each child will be entitled to get two (2) pants to help them for good months, reason being that if one is dirty, she or he can put on the other one that’s why we have planned each to be helped with two pants.

All the 190 pants/underwear will cost 380 €, each child will need 2 € for the things! With 2€ you can make 1 pant possible for 1 Orphan.

On behalf of our organization children, we do appeal to each of you to donate to support our boys and girls with these needs. Any donation will automatically go to the purchase of the children’s needs.

It’s shame to our culture mostly with girls to stay without underwears, and it’s creating some diffcults to them to use pads without underwears.

We thank each of you for the continuously giving towards the needs of these children.

If you want to donate or help us: Make a Donation now!