Water fetching / second activity at orphans of Uganda Children Center

smile and happiness, as our children here heading and come back from fetching water.

It’s the mostly enjoyable activity at the home as it consist of moving from one place to another, and it’s done in groups. Keep following our organization pages, social media for more information about our daily activities here at our organization, and learn more how our orphans here spend their day from morning to evening hours.

After all places are swept and cleaned..

the second activity, here we go for fetching water for daily use in cooking washing, mopping and other use of water. Everyone carries up his or her item used in fetching up water, and we do it twice a day to make sure that we have enough water for our organization. And this is done in groups to make work easy for everyone, moving in groups also creates security for each other while moving from one place to another.

Working is part of our life, together here at the home we love what we do and this helps us to do away with laziness, and we grow strong.