The Eleven Departed Orphans From Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri

Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri, is none religious, none profitable charity organisation. found in East Africa in a country called Uganda, in eastern region in Bugiri district.

Population of orphans at the orphanage

Orphans of Uganda Children Center, has been with population of 95 children since years back, but currently the available orphans at the organisation are 84 children. This occurred due some of the eleven elderly children departing away from the organisation to go and start working/ learning skillwork in away of how to start on planning for their future or life after the orphanage life.

Children went in groups of four, three to two children, according to the available working places. by the help of volunteers who could guide them and variffing the places where they are heading to work in and where they will stay. Through the organisation support from organisation donors, ten among the Eleven children where supported to go for work and even supported in other needs.

Names of Children/Years

Eleven elderly children have so far left the orphanage and these are as follows

    (1) – Bayati Lukia (first departure)

Bayati was making 18 years when she left the organisation, she had gone for treatment in the hospital, after getting an accident which left her with a broken hand, during her time in hospital one of the nurses shared some story with her and she end up requesting from the organisation to take care for her and even help her with pushing her studies.

     (2) – Batala Isma and Kiza Regani (second departures)

Batala Isma and Kiza Rigani went in a group of two people on 16/May/2022, after finding work for them to work as hospital cleaners. Batala Isma was 18 years old and Kiza Rigani was 17 years old.

       (3) – Nassena Sauya (third departure)

Sauya was 17 years old, She left the orphanage on 19/June/2022. She went to learn how to dress hairstyles and working in unsex saloon in Bugiri district after getting certain saloon owner to educate her and employ her after learning.

        (4) – Mukisa, Kusama, Marhadi and Harafati (fourth departures)

This was a group of four elderly children, in the names of Mukisa aged 17 years, Kusama aged 18years, Marhadi aged 18 years and Harafati aged 17 years. they left the organisation on 16/August/2022, as they went to learn construction skills as they work in Bugiri town, and I handed them to one of the engineer I know who is moving with them place to place

       (5) – Shakiru Hassani, Wara and Ali (fifth departures)

This was the last group so far to leave the orphanage and it was for three young men’s namely Shakiru aged 16 years, Wara aged 17 years and Ali aged 17 years. These also joined the fourth group in construction skills in Bugiri town, and they are also under the management of the same engineer taking care of the fourth children too.

Message from the organisation leaders

As the organisation in general we do take this chance to thank each of you who has contributed to the sending of these children to look for work and learn too, in order to help them start their goals in life, may each of you stay blessed in abundance. Mostly of these children, the ten children are on fully support of organisation donor’s to reach where they are now. Thanks

Yours faithfully Byarugaba Isma caretaker of orphans at Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri.