True definition of a family

No matter..

.. where each of us come, no matter the language difference or from different family background, this is where we belong, this is me, this is our home and this is Orphans of Uganda Children Center in Bugiri Uganda.

Meet different people with different backgrounds, but with one goal in life, and the goal is to achieve their dreams, all this under our organization children with the support of helping hands.


Orphans of Uganda, Children do believe you can stop the goals, but you can’t destroy the dreams in them, they do believe one day they will turn into useful men and women’s who will stand and defend their families and communities in the future.

Join our organization children today..

.. to help some of them meet their dreams, it only you and me who can help them out. Children being our first priority in all whatever we do, as organization volunteers we have decided to appeal to those who can help them out on behalf of our organization to meet all they dream to be in future as non believed we could come this far we are now, meaning we can make it happen more than it is.

Join us and meet both told and untold stories, only this here with Orphans of Uganda Children Center.