Washing clothes – One day at Orphans of Uganda Children Center

It’s part of life

to keep each one clean to avoid dirtiness and promote cleanness among these children, washing clothes is part of among the activities to ensure that all children at our organization wash and stay safe from some other diseases which may occur because of not washing clothes.

Clothes are washed and..

.. cleaned by an individual, to ensure that everyone cleans his or her clothes to learn how to do some washing and this give them leads to good handling of his or her clothes. Unless the youngest are helped in the washing of their clothes, mostly with hard clothes. But with soft clothes, are guided with some female volunteers to ensure that children are growing up learning how to handle some homework.


.. there are some challenges children do face while washing clothes, like lack of enough basins or bowls used for washing. And this leads to the slowing of washing their clothes and some misses out to wash because of weather challenges due to daily of starting early to begin washing due to lack of basin/bowls, because one as to wait a friend to wash first and then borrows a basin in order to start washing too.

The organization is calling upon for donations of basins / bowls..

.. to orphans here, with any donation matters, and it will directly go towards buying these basins to help them in washing their clothes and some other stuffs. 1 basin / bowl cost like 10.000 UGX or 2,50 € / 2.90$. We would be happy about any amount. Thanks so much!

Here you can donate!