Fire wood activity – One day at Orphans of Uganda Children Center

Firewood collecting, like any another day here at the organization, children do carry-out different activities to spend their day today activities. This is done in teamwork work as it takes to move for long journey and moving in different places looking for dry woods. Meaning, this activity needs working together to overcome all challenges which can lead to some hindering of this work / activity of gathering woods for organization use.

Fire woods here..

.. are used as source of energy for cooking food at our home, and without having it at the home then we can’t Cook, thanks goes to our children who are pushing up and done and contribute to support of orphanage work. 

Avoiding laziness, it’s part of making the body to grow strong, when work children carry out such activities it helps them to grow strong and making them to for and overcome strong activities in the future.

Saving organization donation

Since our children can get hand in hand to bring fire woods to the home, this helps on the money which should have been spent on buying fire wood or gas for cooking, can be saved and help on other needs of the organization.

Join us today, keep following up our organization social media pages and learn more about our organization activities and how our children are working hand in hand with organization work.