Urgently: plates, saucepan, cups/mugs and basins/bowls needed

Donate today and support our organization..

.. Is the purchasing of these items at the home for easy running of its work  to its members, the organization is in urgently need of donation to purchase, cups, basins, plates and saucepans. These items play a big role in the smooth running of work here.

Saucepan, these are dishes where food is cooked in, without them, it can stop everyone from having any access to food because they play big role of cooking food at the home, so far the available saucepan are not ours or not owned by the organization, meaning we don’t have personal ownership on them any time the owners can take them which causes more confusion at the home, making its members missing out to eat.

As the organization caretaker..

.. we do appeal to each of you to stand with us and donate to support us to purchase the needed saucepan. 3 Saucepans will help to solve this problem for along period of years, three saucepans according to our estimated budget will cost 600,000shillings Ugandan money (120euros).

Cups / mugs..

… These the items used here while taking water, and it can also be used serving in tea during tea time or breakfast, we do really need these cups to help everyone have a good time during tea time, 110 cups/ mugs  are needed for each one to have one cup and this all will cost 141,400shillings / Ugandan money (40euros).

Plates / serving:

dishes for food, these are dishes in which food is served to everyone, the organization is having less and old plates which are unhealthy for serving of food to its children,  and sometimes it brings in confusion in measuring food to be given to everyone as children sometimes eat in shifts, due to lack of enough proper plates, 110 plates if purchased will be enough for each of us, one person one plate and all this can cost 220,000shillings / Ugandan money (55euros).

Basins / bowls:

.. these are items where children use during the washing of their clothes, and during bathing time, so far the basins available here are not in good condition mostly of them are broken into pieces, which gives children hard time in bathing and during washing clothes, as leaders we have been picking up old jerrycans and cut them into pieces to get where children can wash  their clothes from, but the situation has worsened, and we can’t find them anymore. As the organization, we call upon for donations to buy these basins and other requirements for our organization, 110 to 55 basins are needed in all costing 1,100,000 shillings for 110 basins and 550,000 shillings for 55 basins (275 to 135euros).


55 Basins costs 550,000 shs or 135€. 110 basins 1,100,000 shs or 275€.

Plates / dishes, 110 plates: 220,000 shs or 55 euros.

Saucepan: 3 saucepans needed: 600,000 shs or 150 euros.

Cups / mugs, 110 cups needed: 141,400 shs or 40 euros.

Donate to support the smooth running of organization work, and support our children from the hard time they are going through.

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