Urgently: food is needed.

This month we have less donations then before..

… According to the situation now, there is something I would to let you know some of how we get through the month with food stuffs. Because we know the money wont help us through the full month to buy enough food, we need to start ask for more donations, or the organization will be hungry the last 10 days of this October.

Maize flour, it’s a type of Food which is made from maize 🌽 or corn, and it’s the cheapest type of food in Uganda and is knowingly used by the poor people in Africa, here at the home is the type of food we use on daily basis, we don’t balance food or food diet meaning we eat only one type of for the all the month. And according to now it costs 1,700 Ugandan money per kilogram (UGX/shs), and here at the organization we need 45-kilogram to 55-kilograms per day of maize flour or corn flour.

Meaning for 30 day’s lunch and supper with (45kg x 30days) we need 1350-kilograms of maize flour costing 2,295,000shillings or (55kg x 30days) 1650-kilograms of maize flour at 2,805,000 shillings per month, and beans 600kgs per month, each kilogram at 3000 UGX costing 1,800,000 UGX for 600kgs.

Meaning food only will..

.. cost us 4,095,000 UGX to 4,605,000 UGX. This month we got only like 1,800,000 UGX, also exactly 450€. It wont help us for the full month to survive.
Together we can join together hands and this can be provided, little by little we can over come all this and fight against starvation in these orphans.

Please help us to survive, everyone donations will help us a lot and is very important.

Here you can donate.