Great news, Saucepan donation

Thanks for donations…

.. towards the purchases’of saucepan for cooking in food at the home, really our home has been in need of this saucepan in order to for easy cooking in food to for feeding organization members, the situation has really been not okay as even the saucepan we have been cooking in belongs to some of our community members.

And they were in need of their saucepans and this is where the worries was, to find ways of how food can be prepared or cooked at the home. As the organization leader’s and members, we say thanks for standing with and hearing our call, now the organization do own 2 big new saucepans, which we believe will serve us for a long period with food cooking, thanks – thanks a lot, so much!

Big enough saucepans….

… for easing work on besides of our organization cook, and this helps on serving health good food to our organization children, cooking enough food for organization members at once, this helping in saving fire woods and time.

However, saucepan are here with us, we’re appealing to you again our donor’s, the father to the fatherless, the mother to the motherless good Samaritans to continue standing with us as now there is a lack of plates, basins/bowls for washing in and bathing, pants and sandals for our children.

We just always pray for the best of each of you to be blessed abundantly such that you can be in position to donate to our needs. Deeply form our hearts as members of Orphans of Uganda Children Center, we do thank you for caring for us and being able to donate where needed, thanks a lot may you all be blessed.