Community classes/education

As schools are all closed due to outbreak of COVID-19…

.. in Uganda and the whole world at large, children have really missed a lot, and  this has caused some children to drop out of schools and even ending up in marriage. Due to the love of education, and its meaningful, our community have established community classes or home classes to keep these children’s mindset on education and helping them to stay active and focusing on education as it’s the only way to achieve in Africa or Uganda.


A qualified teacher is employed at home or in the community to guide the children and educate them at least to avoid them being misled, and this help them to learn things according to the syllabus/ curriculum to stay updated with Ugandan education, the fight is to avoid their minds to freezing  up in this time when schools are locked up due to COVID-19.

Learning equipment..

.. things like books, pens, pencil for the learning child or student are needed only with fee of  4,000 (UGX) Ugandan money / 1 Euro (€) or $1.5 USD per child to be allowed to attend classes for full month.

Support this program to educate our children at home just to keep their minds on studying, 190 euro (€) or $220 USD which 760,000 (UGX) needed for all our children to be allowed to attend classes for two months, and 100 euros (€) to buy books, pens and pencils for two months. Any donation matters as we support our organization children with education support in this time of lockdown, let’s start giving as our budget for children to get education in this time of lockdown remaining for schools to be open until next year costs 290 euros (€) or $335 USD total amount for two months.

Donate through the link in our website to support this productive program of keeping children educated.

Here you can donate! Thanks for all, no matter how much or how else.