Monthly food donation for our organization (DECEMBER).

Thanks for continuously support…

… to our orphanage home with monthly food donation to our needy children, keep up that good heart of humanitarians. May each of you who has raised any help with whatever you have raised, we do appreciate it and may you all stay blessed abundantly for standing with our organization (OoU).

Food and some other basics needs..

.. have been purchased for easing life to the 95 children we do keep here at the home, with us the volunteers guiding and taking care of these children as parents too. With an appreciating voice, we do say thanks for being concern and taking step in to help when you heard our voices of requesting for help, be blessed accordingly.

Just one of the purchased goods:

Food being priority to each one…

here at Orphans of Uganda Children Center we do agree and need food to help as everything can’t move without food. And this has kept all of us health and kicking because there is always hope for food at every beginning of the month, let’s keep going friends as your support has done a lot and changed lives over here.

Love and peace to each of you, enabling this to happen, as the  continuous support to our organization has helped, saved and changed a lot of humans here in Uganda Africa. Thanks for everyone, thanks for everything!