Education support to 92 orphans to start schooling by January 2022

As education being the only tool to change lives in Africa

…. our children have missed a lot due to COVID-19 and in the starting year we would wish to send the back to school as  the only way they can stand on their own, 92 among the 95 children will have to start schooling.

And this to be possible to send them to schools we need your support our donor’s because we can’t make it on our own as all children here are Orphans and none of them gets support from their biological parents or family, all depending on support from you our donor’s.

Children will join…

… schools respectively according to levels, primary level, Nursery level and Technical college or school of skills. And here is the needed amount with the needs to help them start schooling.


Number of children (92) requirements costs per child:

1) Secondary level 11 children

(i)-School fees = 250,000 per semester

(ii)-Books and pens = 120,000 for a year 

(iii)-Shoe and socks = 60,000 for a year

(iv)-School bag = 50,000

(v)-uniform = 150,000 for two years

2)  Primary level 36 children

 (i)-School fees = 200,000 per semester

(ii)- Books and pens = 45,000 a year

(iii)-Shoe and socks = 50,000

(iv)-School bag = 50,000

(v)-Uniform = 75,000

3) Nursery level 19 children

(i)-School fees = 150,000 per semester

(ii)-Books and pens = 16,500 per year

(iii)-Shoe and socks = 50,000 a year

(iv)-Bags = 50,000 a year 

(v)- Uniform = 50,000 two years

4)- Technical college 26 children

(i)- School fees = 500,000 per semester

(ii)-Books and pens = 40,000

(iii)-material = 200,000

(iv)-shoe and socks = 80,000

let’s donate to help these children to have a better future tomorrow as we donate to send them to schools with the little you can give will automatically be used to send one or more children back to school.

You can contact us when you have some questions. Here you can donate and help! Thanks for all & everything we will get, no matter how much.