Blessed be the helping hands, thanks for donating to our children’s pants.

Happiness and smileys..

.. as our Orphans receive pants packages purchased by our organization donor’s, thanks for helping and clothing our orphans here at the home, as our girls have been going through a lot due to lack of these pants or under wears. Mostly those who undergo into  periods, as they can’t use the pads without pants.

Healthy Moment..

.. It’s part of staying healthy and being clean when girls and boys have pants, this will help our children to be clean and health as they are now covered up with pants. As we volunteer do appreciate the support and act of humanitarian hearts, may each of you continuously stay blessed accordingly.

Culture respect, as here in Africa it’s respecting culture for children to put on Pants, as if we see this step being taken and children owning Pants respectively we do appreciate the hands who have made this possible. Thank brothers and sisters for standing with our organization.

190 pants have been purchased…

.. and this has enabled each of the orphan here to get two pants,  both boys and girls which will help them for certain period of months. Blessed stay always friends of Orphan of Uganda Children Center, for the good of orphans at our home.