Children urgently needs at the home/organisation

Supporting and helping…

… those in need by lending them hands is one of the beautiful act to perform to our fellow humans, as there more people, children out there who are struggling to get something to eat and some times things don’t work out for there needs.

if you have the ability of helping such people please do it and we do appreciate the heart of humanitarian.

Children at orphans of Uganda children center in bugiri Uganda East Africa, are totally orphans and some of them have never get chance of meeting and seeing their biological parents or relatives as some where abandoned when they where still in the ages of babyhood and some of them their parents died while giving birth to them.

And they where saved…

.. by good people who have been dropping them here at the home each in his or her own ways, as it’s our work as the caregiver/caretaker we just welcome all them here at the home.

however as the organisation volunteer’s we can’t do it without you good humanitarian who can give and delivery the needs to the children. and here are some of the needs which are being demanded by the children for the safe living

Summaried details to the needs of the children and prices:

1) Sandals 101, elders (28) each= 25,000shs young (73) each =20,000shs, total amount all =2,160,000shs

2) mosquito nets (58) each 10,000 total amount all = 580,000shs

3) Jerrycans of water (76), 50 each 10,000 and 26 each 5,000 total amount all = 630,000shs

4) mattresses (48) each= 120,000 total amount all = 5,760,000shs

5) Blankets (40) each= 100,000-120,000shs total amount all = 4,000,000-4,800,000shs

6) Basins (110) each= 10,000shs total amount all = 1,100,000shs

7) plates (110) total amount all = 220,000shs

8) Cups (110) total amount all = 141,400shs

9) Toothpaste (95) each= 2,500shs total amount all = 237,500shs

10) Toothbrush (101) each= 1,000shs total amount all = 101,000shs

11) Beds/decker (30) each decker 470,000shs total amount all = 14,100,000shs

12 certification 350,000shs

Together we can change lives of these orphans with whatever we can give, donate today to support.

Here you can donate! Thanks a lot for everything!