Food donation january, thanks for supporting charity work

Supporting none profit organisation..

.. is one of the hard work to take on since there so many challenges with giving without hoping anything back, therefore if someone takes on that task he / she need to be appreciated for the good caring heart and love towards the needy people.

As OoU-Organisation management…

.. we shall never get tired to thank each of you who are scarificing to care for the orphans here and support them in various ways because we believe without your support we can’t reach this far with the helping and caring for them. thanks brothers and sisters for being part of this none profit charity work, may each of you continuously grow blessed day to day abundantly.

Children here at the home are doing well and growing on high speed and staying healthy but all due to your contribution to their needs and always standing with them on their needs, they always send greetings and love with prayers your ways for the greatest work your doing in their lives, and always wish you the best with your families accordingly. Because you have changed alot in their lives as the live is nolonger like how it used to be with that big improvement on their ways of living they appreciate and pray for blessings and guidence to each of you.

On 5th January 2022

… we received a food donation which will take us through for 25 days meaning up to 30th January 2022, this will be possible if we do give one and half meal per day in order to take us for 25 days, meaning during lunch meal children will be taking  half of the meal they are supposed to have and at dinner meal or super children will be taking full meal, reason being that the body at night needs alot of food to carry up all it’s work to enable health growth of the body.

We have done this because the meal available at the home can’t be enough for children to have two full meals per day and due to this crisis we have also suggested to abondan breakfast meal at the home for easy calculation and rotating what’s us available to end the up the month.

All our prayers is may your hands continuously grow blessed such that we can get what’s enough for our wishes because we believe when your blessed it will widen your income and expenditure too.

Thanks a lot for all & everyone out there 🙂