Orphan Introducing: Wootali Specioyoza

Wootali is one…

… of among the girls at the orphanage, who joined us when they where at baby stage. Wootali Specioyoza she is 9 years old female by sex an orphan who has never seen or meet any of his family members, she was picked along side the main road of Busia streets and someone dropped her at our organisation with no information about her.

All her life…

… she has spent it here at the organisation she joined us when she was 2 weeks in 2013 and she is now nine years old, wootali she is supposed to be at school according to her age but because of lack of funds to support her with education, she has not yet started schooling.


She loves to sing and dance traditional music and all she wish to be in life when she grows up is to become a police officer. with any support or anyone willing to sponsor her to start schooling in order to meet her wishes she will be greatful.

Wootali has a problem of headache and almost every week she has to take some pills to help her to stay in good condition. Meaning in order to keep her serviving the organisation has to be having some medicine up keep for her sickness issues.