Monthly Foods and other needs for June

Foods and other items like maize, flour and beans, soaps, cooking oil, and others have been purchased to help us through June, which has given us hope of getting through this month without starving.

With much joy and happiness..

.. we do take this opportunity to thank each of you out there who donate to prevent the starvation and suffering of children who are living at Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri. Appreciation from the organisation members and managing staff, children and the volunteers.

Thanks for sharing your help..

.. with us and considering that we do live somewhere in this world, may your hands which do give to those in need grow more and more blessings and financially stable conditions because with your support life here keep on changing and children do feel they at home with the continuously donating to their needs over here at the organisation.Thanks for the hearts of sharing and giving out, thanks to the trustee of the work of our organisation and for holding us up to help the children meet some of their needs as without you the missions and goals of the organisation will not be reached on. thanks for loving us as the OoU family

Thanks for…

.. working together and trusting the brothers who are reaching out to you on behalf of the organisation’s members’ needs. let’s keep united and work together to help out more children who are living with no hope of food and other needs, together we can change this world and make it a better place for everyone. Thanks to each of you for supporting the Orphans of Uganda Children Centre Bugiri Uganda east Africa.