Update, eight elderly children departed for work

Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri is a home for children who are orphans, which accommodates over 90 children both girls and boys under its care.

Being that some of the children have grown old and with no educational qualifications, it’s the work of the organisation through its volunteers. To find possible ways of how these children can catch up with life after here at the orphanage, thus allowing them to join some skill workplaces to start a new life.

Departed youths

Boys/males, six have left us namely Mukisa aged 17 years,  Kusama aged 18 years, Mahard aged 17 years, Arafat aged 18 years Kizza Regina aged 17 years and Ismael aged 18 years.

Girl/females, two have left us namely Bayati aged 18 years and Sauuya aged 17 years.


Four boys’ children have gone for construction/building skills, two boys went for the house cleaning up, one girl went for hairdressing skills and another girl went for fashion and design.

With such work, we do believe it will be a good start for them in life and this will help them to earn a living in life to help survive.

General report

In general, the organisation is now taking care of 87 children, I.e 54 children are girls/female, 33 children are boys/male. After the departure of the eight children ( six boys and two girls) who have gone to work.

Messages from the departed Children

Mukisa’s message

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to support me and my friends during the time I have spent here, you have been my parents. thanks for raising me.

Kusama’s message

Thanks for giving me chance to be part of this family.

Mahard’s message

It’s time to give chance to others to replace us, thanks to the support of our organisation, we have gone but. home is the best.

Arafat’s message

Thanks for the love and opportunity you have given me as a grown-up man, it will never be a shame to the OoU family.

Orphans of Uganda Children Center staff

As volunteers, we do thank each of you who have moved with us from the beginning in the caring and raising of these children. Some we received them here when are in the age of months.
But it’s a blessing to see the work of our organisation Orphans of Uganda Children Center, in raising these children.

Secondly thanks for your continuous help to these children because without your support we couldn’t make it this way. Thanks to everyone who has donated the needed material as they head for work.