November Monthly sustenance and additional Donation

It’s almost overwhelming how blessed we feel for getting to know, grow from, and receive support from extraordinary people we have learned everyone is extraordinary, beyond measure, in some particular and unique way…all we can say is, thank you. For believing in our work, for supporting us, for sharing your grace and insight, and most importantly your trust in Orphans of Uganda Children Center Bugiri.

Monthly we receive a donation to cover up on feeding the orphans, and getting other none food stuff, we usually do our best to make purchases according to how much funds we do own. Foods like maize flour, beans, cooking oil and tomatoes with onions and none foods like soap and others.

Summarised purchase and other expenditures for November Donation ( 5,912,085ugx)

(1) Foods.

Tomatoes 🍅 6 kilograms each kilogram cost 5,000ugx total cost 30,000ugx

Onions 🧅 10 kilograms each kilogram costs 3,000ugx total cost 30,000ugx

Salt 🧂 For 35,000ugx

Maize flour 1200 kilograms each kilogram costs 3,200ugx total cost 3,840,000ugx

Beans 100 kilograms each kilogram at 4,600ugx total cost 460,000ugx

Cooking oil 5 litres at 48,000ugx

(2) None Foods

Soap one box costs 67,000ugx

Internet bundle for 5,000ugx

Transport costs 90,000ugx

Other expenditures

Payments of hospital bills for two children.

(1) Kirundah Ashirafu’s bill costs 420,000 treatment and laboratory fee.

(2) Jamawah’s bill costs 770,000 ugx treatment and laboratory fee.

Additional bills for Hospital

Soap for 19,000ugx, Sugar 11,000 ugx, Tea water 12,700ugx and breads 16,500ugx.

Money withdrawal expenses

(1) Withdraw charges costed 25,000ugx

(2) Taxes costed 29,250ugx

That’s how we managed to spend our monthly donation of November.

This is from our hearts, to thank each of you for everything you have done for Orphans of Uganda Children Center, for all the times we forgot to tell you how we feel about each of you, and how happy we are that you are in our lives.