Summary of Ramadan Donations

Orphans of Uganda celebrating Eid ul Fitr

This is a summary of Orphan of Uganda’s donation income and expenses during the entire month of Ramadan.

In total we received 21,672,663 Sats (0.21672663 Bitcoin) equivalent to 22,124,092 Ugandan Shillings (ca. $5,920) from the Ramadan Bitcoin Campaign started by Bitcoin Majlis on Twitter.

Thank you very very much, dear Bitcoiners!

What we’ve used it for

1) 7,346,967 Sats were saved for our house construction project.

2) 1,818,129 Sats will be used to buy sandals for the children tomorrow.

3) 2,699,766 Sats came from a certain brother who wanted us to share it with our local masijd for Eid day.

4) 7,346,967 Sats was spent on paying hospital bills and getting treatment for 19 none addmitted sick children at the orphanage, school payments of first semester for 62 children and buying foods for iftar and suhoor during Ramadan.

5) 2,805,626 Sats has been set aside as half payment for school for 62 children next semester (second semester which will start in late May).