Overview of School Payments (Fees and Supplies, 1st Term 2024)

Thanks to all & everyone!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and contributions towards our school’s needs. This post aims to provide a transparent and concise overview of the school payments for fees and supplies, reflecting our collective commitment to the educational journey of our children.

Funds Received

Total Funds Received: 8,948,000 UGX

School Supplies Costs

  • Books: 1,540,000 UGX
  • Pens: 980,000 UGX
  • Pencils: 280,000 UGX
  • Rubbers (Erasers): 350,000 UGX
  • Sets (Geometry Sets): 220,000 UGX
  • Coloured Pencils: 110,000 UGX
  • Rulers: 69,000 UGX

Total Cost for School Supplies: 2,100,000 UGX

School Fees Payment

  • Amount Paid for School Fees: 6,680,000 UGX
  • Number of Children: 72
  • Level: Primary
  • Duration Covered: First Semester
  • Total Due for School Fees: 7,200,000 UGX
  • Outstanding Balance: 520,000 UGX (7,200,000 – 6,680,000 UGX)

Miscellaneous Expenses

The remaining funds were utilized for transaction fees, withdrawal charges, and transportation costs for the procurement of supplies.1

Your contributions have greatly assisted in covering a significant portion of the costs for school supplies and fees. However, there is an outstanding balance of 520,000 UGX (like 130 € or $) for the school fees. We kindly request your continued support to meet this remaining obligation.

Thank you once again for your dedication and support towards the educational advancement of our children. Your involvement is not only vital but deeply appreciated.

Warm regards,

Orphans of Uganda Children Center

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