Thanks for Your Generous Food Donations for February

This month february, we’ve seen generosity in abundance, reflecting in the faces of those we serve. The Orphans of Uganda Children Center is brimming with gratitude for the continuous support that has filled our pantry and nurtured our community.

Gracious Contributions

With your monthly donations, we have successfully procured:

• Vital Cleanliness: 2 boxes of soap, ensuring the health and hygiene of our children.

• Nourishing Meals: 200 kg of beans, providing protein-rich meals to support growth and development.

• Staple Food: 1200 kg of posh, the foundation of every nutritious meal served at our center.

• Items purchased in prices/details:

2 boxes of soap for 70,000 UGX each, totaling 140,000 UGX

Beans (200 kg) at 4500 UGX per kilogram, totaling 900,000 UGX

Posh (1200 kg) at 2,600 UGX per kilogram, totaling 3,120,000 UGX

• The total amount for the purchase is 4,160,000 UGX

• The receipt is dated 01/02/2024

Your support is not just about the meals—it’s about the comfort, the health, and the community it builds. Each grain of posho, each bean, and each bowl of soup represents more than just sustenance; they symbolize the care and compassion you have for those in need.

As we serve these meals, we share stories of the kind-hearted individuals who made them possible. We talk about the impact of giving and the beautiful cycle of generosity that you are a part of. Please know that your help extends far beyond the physical nourishment; it brings joy and hope to hearts in need.

Thank you for being the cornerstone of our nourishment program. May your kindness return to you in abundance.

With warmest regards and deepest gratitude,

The Orphans of Uganda Children Center